Nashville Scholars Meetings in 2018


April 21 David Fields presents
Watson as Servant

"The Essential Role of the Assistant in Investigative Work"

May 19

Special Event at the Risko/Alvarez Estate on Temple Hills Golf Course


Meal "Victorian Vittles" prepared by Shannon and Ella Carlisle


June 16

Double Billing

Gael Stahl continues his History of the 3 Pipe Problem

Bill Mason (BSI) also brings another of his special presentations


July 21 Special Event @ The Stahl Estate at Old Hickory Lake

Derek Martin: A History of British Actors

Who Have Played Holmes and Watson

On I-40 east of Nashville, take Exit 221B (not kidding!)


Aug 18 Presentation TBA by Thomas Vickstrom
and possibly a second presentation -- details TBA



Sept 15

Double Biliing


David Hayes presents: Pleasure Travel in Victorian Times

“Hints to Travellers” by Edward Stanford
was published in 1878 for the Royal Geographic Society (London)
and sold originally for two shillings and sixpence; not a small sum.

Jim Hawkins presents: Holmes' Adventure into Retirement,

 with a little background on "retirement" in the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

{a brief presentation on his 74th birthday}

Oct 12-14

Southern Festival of Books at Legislative Plaza (Nashville)

Oct 20

Presentation by Dean Richardson - details TBA

(beware! this is our "scary story" presentation)

if time, a second brief presentation...details TBA


Nov 17

Presentation by Drew Thomas -- details TBA

if time, a second brief presentation...details TBA


Dec 15


The Annual Special Event for the End of the Year -- TBA


Nashville Scholars of the Three Pipe Problem | Nashville, TN | 2018

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