Meetings in 2019

celebrating our 40th anniversary


January 19 @ 11:00 / Corky's in Brentwood

Adventure of The "Gloria Scott" -- Story from The Memoirs

Published April 1893
Chronologically, Sherlock Holmes' first case

Link to Audio, PDF, Discussion

 GLOR background brought by Jim Hawkins

 The Quiz on GLOR administered by Bill Mason

February 16 @ 11:00 / Corky's in Brentwood

A Study in Scarlet -- Read at Adelaide

(Chapters 1-2 and the first few paragraphs of Chapter 3)

Drew Thomas: William Gillette as Sherlock Holmes
on Stage, on Screen, and on Radio
Notes on the Presentation (pdf file download)

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Nashville Scholars of the Three Pipe Problem | Nashville, TN | 2018

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