Meetings in 2019

Celebrating Our 40th Anniversary Year


October 19

Our presenter is William Schwartz and his topic is
Sherlock Holmes and the Fair Sex
"tying real world English attitudes toward women in the late 19th century 
with Holmes' explicit (but of course fictional) contacts 
with various female characters".


Chapter One of B. J. Rahn's book
The Real World of Sherlock Holmes






"The Blood-Stone Tragedy" (1884)


Read the story here

Dean Richardson ~ Presenting

(Note: Normally Dean presents his non-canonical, scary

Conan Doyle story in October, but he lost his mother recently

and has postponed until November.)




Dr. William Price (Druid)

FYI: The Nashville Scholars is now on a 7-year reading plan, 
suggested and devised by Bill Mason, and accepted by the members, 
and begun in January of 2019, our 40th Anniversary Year.
See the complete 2019 Schedule here

Nashville Scholars of the Three Pipe Problem | Nashville, TN | 2019