Nashville Scholars Meetings in 2018

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are on Saturday at 11:00 a.m.
at Corky's BBQ in Brentwood, TN

Aug 18


Thomas Vickstrom presents:

"Land, Sea, and Air" 

A Study in Transportation in Sherlockian Times 

with exceprts from "Mobile Holmes, the Book"

A preview of the book: from the Baker Street Journal

Sept 15



David Hayes presents: 

Pleasure Travel in Victorian Times

“Hints to Travellers” by Edward Stanford
was published in 1878 for the Royal Geographic Society (London)
and sold originally for two shillings and sixpence; not a small sum.

Oct 12-14


Southern Festival of Books at Legislative Plaza (Nashville)

Oct 20


Dean Richardson presents: Selecting a Ghost

       (a non-canonical "horror" story by A. Conan Doyle)

      (and in addition)

Jim Hawkins presents: Friends of John Bennett Shaw

         an online place to share your John Bennett Shaw stories

Nov 17


Drew Thomas presents: William Gillette

and his influence on the actors, both stage and screen, 

who followed his masterful creation of the role of Sherlock Holmes

And check out Mr. Thomas' super mystery website


Dec 15


The Annual Special Event for the End of the Year -- TBA

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