Jan 21 Master's Birthday at Courtney's
Feb 18 Sherlock 101:The Victorian Age and Sherlock Holmes
Presentation: Victorian Policeman Robert Peele's Bobbies
Mar 18Sherlock 101: Who is Sherlock Holmes
Presentation: The Agra Fort: Where Holmes and History Collide --David Hayes
April 15Sherlock 101: The Canon It's Supporting Cast
Presentation: ACD and His Predecessors -- Dean Richardson
May 20Sherlock 101: Sherlock Holems Thinking and Reasoning vs The Police -- Dr. Alvarez
**Special Event @ Risko/Alvarez Estate on Temple Hills Golf Course**
June 17Sherlock 101: Villians of the Canon
Presentation: The Unintended Success of James Moriarty -- Jeff Steward
July 15The Life of ACD -- Derek Martin
**Special Event @ The Stahl Estate by the Lake**
Aug 19Sherlock 101: The Clients of Sherlock Holmes
Presentation: Arthur Conan Doyle's Two Wives:
The Resident Patient and The Final Problem - Jim Hawkins
Sept 16
Sherlock 101: The Clients of Sherlock Holmes by Marino Alvarez
Presentation : 
Horse & Carriage Transportation in the days of Sherlock Holmes
by Tom Vickstrom 

Oct 21Supernatural Tale from ACD
Nov 18Sherlock 101: The Women of the Canon
Presentation: Toasting the Day Away
Dec 16Annual Nashville Scholars Extravaganza
**Special Event --Location TBD

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