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Marino C. Alvarez, Ed.D., BSI

(Reichenbach Falls)

Mons Belgium

Unexpectedly while attending the European Reading Association Conference in Mons Belgium, where my wife gave a keynote speech, we happened upon a Sherlock Holmes Pub on a side street just off the Grand Place. It was the Sherlock Holmes portrait on the sign that attracted my attention (see photo).









Upon entering we were pleasantly surprised to see three-dimensional wooden carvings and paintings that adorned the walls. They depicted several scenes from the stories. One of the portraits illustrated Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in a train car; reminiscent of Sydney Paget’s “Silver Blaze.”



The interior was small and reminded me of the former Sherlock Holmes Pub in Nashville where we once held our meetings.

Meiringen and Richenbach Falls

After taking a train from Brussels to Paris and then an airplane to Switzerland, we made Zurich our base. One of our train journeys took us to Meiringen and the Richenbach Falls. We left Zurich by train to Luzern; changed trains on route to Meiringen and the Falls. As we pulled into the train station, a sunny day turned somewhat grey with intermingled drizzle and hard rainfall – a foreshadowing of what was to come.


Read the entire story. Download the PDF file.

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