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Recent Scholar Posts to Nashville Scholars website:

Nashville Scholars were very well represented at the BSI Annual Meeting and functions!


Full Report on Nashville Scholars at BSI

Nashville Scholar and Accelerated Learning Teacher Shannon Carlisle welcomed fellow Scholar
Dr Marino Alvarez to Moore Elemetary. Dr. Alvarez led students of the 221B classroom in an analysis of The Blue Carbuncle
Also pictured an ornament Mrs. Carlisle gave her students for the holidays.



Dr Marino Alvarez: Paper (A. Conan Doyle Cipher)
Bill Mason: BBC Interview on Selkirk, Scotland A. Conan Doyle story

April 6, 2015
Dr. Marino Alvarez, PhD. BSI. has posted an article about his visit to the
Museum of London Sherlock Holmes Exhibit in 2015. It originally was an
article published in Explorations, The Norwegian Explorers of Minnesota Newsletter.
Winter 2015, Issue 69, pp. 4-5.

2015 July Picnic at Old Hickory Lake
Hosted by Gael and Susan Stahl

We celebrated the birthdays of Derek Martin and Shannon Carlisle
along with enjoying a great potluck from the membership.

Derek brought us an impressive presentation on Sir Christopher Lee
recently deceased in England. See the photos from the link below.

See the photos on our Facebook Page


2015 Annual Holmes Birthday

Toasts by Vicki Risko, Marino Alvarez, and Dean Richardson to...
Irene Adler "THE WOMAN"
| The Literary Agent | Sherlock Holmes Actors

All of today's photos may be seen here on


The Program for 2015

Jerome Boynton and Gael Stahl


Charlie and Patsy Williams


Dr Marino Alvarez

A Roomfull of Nashville Scholars


At our annual summer picnic (2014) at the Stahl's residence on Old Hickory Lake (July 24),
Derek Martin and Jeff Steward gave Sherlockian presentations that were enjoyed by all.


Derek Martin

What do we really know of Mr. Windigate the proprietor of the Alpha Inn from “The
Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle”?

We can deduce him to be gregarious. His personality must have been one of a cheery, warm nature or the Alpha Inn would not have been inviting since there were many such public houses to choose from in Victoria’s England.
Mr. Windigate must have been smart. His management of the Goose Club at the Alpha Inn brought together a variety of people with a single objective…having a fat goose on the Christmas Dinner table. We know this when Dr. Watson shares his memory:
'Well,' replied Mr. Henry Baker, 'a goose is very expensive, you know. And a goose club is a way of saving money to buy a goose club. We paid Mr. Windigate a few pence every week and he collected the money week by week. By Christmas, there was enough money to buy a goose for everybody in the club. Mr. Windigate bought the geese so each member of the club had a goose to eat on Christmas Day.”

So I suggest that Mr. Windigate must also have been a compassionate, altruistic man since through this Goose Club, he provided an avenue for men of little means to save enough money to provide a wonderful goose as the centerpiece for their holiday table.
Derek Martin is much like Mr. Windigate. He too is gregarious as he has opened his home to the Nashville Scholars of the Three Pipe Problem with food and drink as well as entertainment the like of which our group has never seen. As a collector, Derek Martin also brings together people with a common interest. His collectables draw people from far and near to gaze at the assembled treasures.

So today, the Nashville Scholars of the Three Pipe Problem offered membership to Derek Martin as Mr. Windigate of the Alpha Inn. Our hope is his time with us will continue to be filled with laughter and joy tempered with surprise and wonder.


Previous Scholar Reports:
Shannon Carlisle presented a brief look at what her class does during the year at our annual July Picnic at the Stahl home on Old Hickory Lake. See photos and a story about her presentation here. This report was filed by N Scholar Marino Alvarez.

Shannon Carlisle was named the Beacon Society Award Winner for 2013, given in recognition of teachers who use the literature of Sherlock Holmes to engage students in the pleasures of reading. More on the Beacon Society will be found in the article below.
Go to the article here.

Nashville Scholars Meeting / January 2014

Meeting at McNamara Pub in Donelson
New Scholars included...

Billy Fields gives Conor Kimbro his investiture and irregular schilling.
His canonical nom is The Red-Headed League.
Conor becomes our youngest Nashville Scholar. He was a student under
Shannon Carlisle, seen here addressing the meeting.

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